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What's LT200

ICOP is honored to announce the success in selling LT200, which a general purpose LAN Terminal , very strongly on the Japan industrial automation market.

LT200 is a PC-based digital I/O module that is designed to connect your devices and equipment. This solution allows a remote PC or Terminal to monitor, configure, manage, and send/receive data via the LAN or Internet. Users can use specific software or browser to view and control LT200, a product of web-based DIO control terminal.

LT200 is equipped with 8 Relay output (support up to AV250V/5A or DC30V/5A) and 8 Relay input. The input Relay module can option AC110/240V or DC24V, etc. It is one PS/2 keyboard, 10 Base-T (RJ-45) Ethernet and a RS232 port for user's usage. In addition, there are 18 LEDs (input x8, output x8, power x1, and LAN x1) outside the case for status display.

The dimension is 103(D)x210(W)x53(H) mm, and the whole system will only need a +5V/1.6A power adapter.

The kernel control board of LT200 is designed by ICOP Mity-mite 386SX-40MHz CPU module with 4MB memory onboard. ICOP integrates BIOS and DOS and control software, which program base on ICOP DSock - DOS TCP/IP library, into a 512k Flash chip.

Both source code of both control board and remote PC are open for programmer's reference. LT200 can be widely applied, depending on your requirement, as a security system in stores, offices, and public facilities; or as a monitor system to make any product check in factory.


  • 8 relay inputs and 8 replay outputs.
  • Serial port to Ethernet function support.
  • Support TCP command to send/receive I/O message.
  • Support HTTP command for web applications to control I/O.
  • Support UDP initial command set to setup LT200.
  • Firmware update via FTP protocol.
  • DSock Update utility compatible.
  • Web server inside.
  • Full source code for user to modify.

Because source code released (LT200 firmware source code, Windows TCP control program source code, Windows UDP setup program source code and Windows Console SerTest program source code ), you can get a lot of benefits:



Technical Support

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