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DM&P X-Linux is a reduced Linux package for our user to test and use Linux easily. It is small and fast boot. We can add programs or components our user want.

What's New on X-Linux Release 4

X-Linux Release 4 Environment Overview

Software Version Path
Linux Kernel 2.4.20 /boot/linux
Loader SysLinux 2.00 /boot
Shell BusyBox 0.60.5 /bin/busybox
FTP Server WU-FTPD 2.6.2 /usr/sbin/ftpd
TELNET Server netkit-telnet-0.17 /usr/sbin/telnetd
HTTP Server WN Server 2.2.11 /usr/httpd
DHCP Client udhcp Client 0.9.8 /usr/dhcpcd
Share Library glibc 2.2.4 /lib
PPP Daemon pppd 2.4.1 /sbin
Web Pages /usr/www
Size Requirement < 8 MB

X-Linux Setup Reference

Download and Installation

We recommend user to use 16 MB or above MDM (X-Linux does not support DOC) to install our Linux ghost image. Download images and use GHOST program to restore Linux system. Before restoring image, you should let DOS can find it. (fdisk and format it to be recognized by DOS that GHOST can see it) The default user name is "root" and password is "password".

Old X-Linux Pages

Technical Support

If you have any problem, feel free to mail to please.We will do our best to answer your question.

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